Transfer Agreement - Pasadena City College

Whittier College / Pasadena City College Transfer Agreement
Updated 2019-2020

Whittier College and Pasadena City College
2019 - 2020 Transfer Agreement

Whittier College may accept a maximum of 90 semester credits in transfer, 70 of which may be from the community college level. A minimum grade of C-, or equivalent, must be attained in a course to be applied toward a Whittier College degree. Courses accepted, will be accepted with a "TR" indicating transfer credit. Grades will not transfer.

Whittier CollegeCreditsPasadena City College 
Liberal Education Program 
I. Community  
Community 1: FWS (Freshman Writing Seminar) + Linked Course (taken first semester of freshman year)3ENGL 1A ENGL 001AH (Honors) 
3No transferable equivalent 
II. Communication 
COM1: Quantitative Literacy3ASTRON 001; BUS 014B; MATH 005A-C, 005AH, 005BH, 005CH, 009, 015;
STAT015-050, 050H; PHYS 001A-D, 002A-B, 031A-B
COM2: Writing Intensive Course3ENG 101, 102, 103; PHIL 103; PSYC 103; READ 200; SPCH 235 
COM3: Creative and Performing Arts2ART 011A-018, 020A-033C, 038A-039D; ENGL 005A, 009; MUSC 009A, 38C-094;
PHOT021-030; THART 002A-C, 006, 013-075
COM4: Senior Presentation1No transferable equivalent 
III. Cultural Perspectives - One course from four of the following seven areas 
CUL1: African3ART 024A, HIST 027A-B; ENGL 050; PSYC 029; SOC 029 
CUL2: Asian3ART 3A-B; CHIN 10, 12; ENGL 48, 52; HIST 18, 19; JAPN 10-12; MUSC 027; PSYC 041
CUL3: Latin American3ANTH 031; ART 007, 008; ENGL 047; HIST 09A-B, 030, 031; PHIL 031; PSYC 031; SOC 031; SPAN 012, 044A-B 
CUL4: North American3ART 007, 104; ENGL 025C, 030A-C, 051, 054; HIST 007A-B, 008, 012, 025B, 029A, 031, 041; MUS 024A, 025; POLSC 001 
CUL5: European3ART 001A-B, 004A-D; ENGL 046A-B; FRNC 005A-B, 010, 050; GRMN 005, 010; HIST 001A-B, 005A-B; ITAL 010-050; PHIL 020A-B; RUSS 011; SPAN 025, 042A-B 
CUL6: Cross-Cultural3ANTH 002, 009; ART 001C; ENGL 012, 044A-C; GEOG 003; GLBL 001,002; HIST 002A-B; MUSC 023; POLS 002, 006; SOC 014 
CUL7: Language3ARBC 001, 002; ARMN 001, 002; CHIN 001, 002, 002A; FRNC 001, 002; GRMN 001, 002;
ITAL 001, 002; JAPN 001, 002; LATN 001, 002; PORT 001, 002; RUSS 001,002; SPAN 001,002
IV: Connections 
CON1: Pair Course #13No transferable equivalent 
CON1: Pair Course #23No transferable equivalent 
CON2: Science and Math (methods/ideas with analysis of cultural or societal issues)4Two IGETC science courses with labs from two different subject areas will satisfy this requirement.
Courses may not also be used to satisfy Natural Science Breadth.
Two 3 credit courses numbered 001-099 from each of the three divisions below 
Humanities/Fine Arts (two courses each from a different disciplines)6ARBC, ARMN, ART, CHIN, COMM, ENGL, FRNC, GRMN, HIST, HUM, ITAL, JAPN,
units total 
Natural Science  (two courses each from a different disciplines)6ANAT, ASTR, BIOL, CHEM, CS, ENVS, GEOL, MATH, PHSC, PHYS 
units total 
Social Science (two courses each from a different disciplines)6ANTH, BUS, CHDV, EDUC, MRKTG, PETH, POLS, PSYC, SOSC, SOC 
units total 
                                                                                                                                      Whittier College, Office of the Registrar 10/2018