Transfer Agreement - Golden West College (GWC)

Whittier College / Golden West College Transfer Agreement
Updated 2019-2020
Whittier College and Golden West College
2019-2020 Transfer Agreement

Whittier College may accept a maximum of 90 semester credits in transfer, 70 of which may be from the community college level. To be eligible for transfer, courses must be completed with a final grade of C- or higher. Courses accepted in transfer will be accepted with a "TR" indicating transfer credit. Grades will not transfer.
Whittier CollegeCreditsGolden West College 
Liberal Education Program 
I. Community  
Community 1: FWS (Freshman Writing Seminar) + Linked Course (taken first semester of freshman year)3English G100 or G100H 
3No transferable equivalent 
II. Communication 
COM1: Quantitative Literacy3Biology G260; ComputerScience G262; MATH G100, G115, G140 (formerly G130), G155(formerly G150), G160, G170, G180, G185, G235, G280, G282, G285 
COM2: Writing Intensive Course3English G110 or G110H; Philosophy G125, Psychology G130 
COM3: Creative and Performing Arts2ARTS:Art G100, G103, G104, G105 or G105H, G106 or G106H, G127; DANC G101; Humanities G100 or G100H, G102, G103, G104,
G108,G110 or G110H, G120 or G120H, G122, G126, G132, G135, G139(formerly G145), G143(formerly G140), G170;Music G101 or G101H, G103, G104, G108, G126, G139(formerly 185),G143(formerly G136), G165; Photography G158; TheaterArts G100, G102, G108, G111, G112
COM4: Senior Presentation1No transferable equivalent 
III. Cultural Perspectives - One course from four of the following seven areas 
CUL1: African3ART G104, G143; ENGL G114, G114H, G155; HUM G150; HIST G110 
CUL2: Asian3ART G103; CHIN G280; ENGL G114, G114H, G161(Formerly G165), or G161H(Formerly G165H); HIST G120 
CUL3: Latin American3ANTH G150; ART G104, G127; HIST G140, G150; SPAN G165(Formerly G112), G185, G200(Formerly G290), G280, G285 
CUL4: North American3ANTH G150; ENGL G112, G161; HIST G170#, G175#, G180, G185 
CUL5: European3ART G105, G105H, G106, G106H G127; ANTH G130, G140 
CUL6: Cross-Cultural3ANTH G100; HIST G140, G121; HUM G101; PHIL G120; SOC G133 
CUL7: Language3ANTH G190; FREN G185, G280, G285, G290; SIGN G185, G200; SPAN G165(Formerly G112), G185, G200(Formerly G290), G280, G285 
IV: Connections 
CON1: Pair Course #13No transferable equivalent 
CON1: Pair Course #23No transferable equivalent 
CON2: Science and Math (methods/ideas with analysis of cultural or societal issues)4Two science courses with labs from two different subject areas will satisfy this requirement. Courses may not also satisfy Natural Science Breadth.  
Two 3 credit courses from each of the three divisions below 
Humanities/Fine Arts (one course from each of the two of the subject areas listed)6Chinese G280; Economics G120; English G112, G114 or G114H, G143, G150, G155, G160 or G160H, G161(formerly G165) or G161H(formerly G165H), 181(formerly G180) or G181H (formerly G180H), G270 (formerly G290), G275(formerly G295); French G185, G280, G285, G290; History G110, G120, G121(formerly G165), G132, G135, G140, G150, G161(formerly G190), G162(formerly G195), G170, G175, G180, G185; Humanities G135; Philosophy G100 (formerly G101), G102, G110, G111, G120, G150; PoliticalScience G150; SIGN G185, G200; Spanish G165(formerly G112), G185, G200(formerly G290), G280, G285; TheaterArts G102; Vietnamese G185, G280, G285, G290 
Units Total 
Natural Science (one course from each of the two subject areas listed)6PHYSICALSCIENCE:Astronomy G100, G100 + G100L; Chemistry G110, G130, G180, G185, G220, G225; Geography G180, G180L; Geology G105, G110(formerly G100),G120; PhysicalScience G100 ; Physics G110, G110 + G111, G120, G125, G185, G280, G285                                                                                                                               BIOLOGICALSCIENCE:Anthropology G185(formerly G120), G185L; Biology G100, G101, G104, G104 + G104L, G110, G120, G180, G182(formerly G185), G183 (formerly G190), G186, 210,G220 (formerly G170), G221 (formerly G155), G225(formerly G175); Psychology G250 
Units Total 
Social Science (one course from each of the two subject areas listed)6Anthropology G100, G130, G140, G150, G190; Economics G110, G120, G170(formerly G180), G175(formerly G285); History G110; EthnicStudiesSocialScience G133; Sociology G133; GenderStudiesHistory G121(formerly G165); Geography G100, G185(formerly G104); History G132, G135, G140, G150, G180, G185;InterdisciplinaryCommunicationStudies G190, G255; DigitalMedia G130; EnvironmentalStudies G100; JOUR G180; PeaceStudies G100, G110, G230; PoliticalScience G105, G205; Psychology G116, G118, G165; SocialScience G134, G136; Sociology G134; PoliticalScience - Philosophy G150; PoliticalScience G100, G101, G110, G120 or G120H, G130, G150, G180 or G180H, G185, G205; Psychology G100, G116(formerly G150), G118 (formerly G160), G165, G250, G255(formerly G158), G260, G280(formerly G185); SociologyCriminalJustice G123, G140; Sociology G100 or G100H, G110, G133, G160, G185(formerly G150) 
Units Total 
Whittier College, Office of the Registrar 10/2018