Transfer Agreement - Golden West College (GWC)

Whittier College / Golden West College Transfer Agreement
Updated 2019-2020
Whittier College and Golden West College
2019-2020 Transfer Agreement

Whittier College may accept a maximum of 90 semester credits in transfer, 70 of which may be from the community college level. To be eligible for transfer, courses must be completed with a final grade of C- or higher. Courses accepted in transfer will be accepted with a "TR" indicating transfer credit. Grades will not transfer.
Whittier CollegeCreditsGolden West College
Liberal Education Program
I. Community 
Community 1: FWS (Freshman Writing Seminar) + Linked Course (taken first semester of freshman year)3English G100 or G100H
3No transferable equivalent 
II. Communication
COM1: Quantitative Literacy3Biology G260; Computer Science G262; MATH G100, G115, G140 (formerly G130), G155(formerly G150), G160, G170, G180, G185, G235, G280, G282, G285
COM2: Writing Intensive Course3English G110 or G110H; Philosophy G125, Psychology G130 
COM3: Creative and Performing Arts2ARTS: Art G100, G103, G104, G105 or G105H, G106 or G106H, G127; DANC G101; Humanities G100 or G100H, G102, G103, G104,
G108,G110 or G110H, G120 or G120H, G122, G126, G132, G135, G139(formerly G145), G143(formerly G140), G170; Music G101 or G101H, G103, G104, G108, G126, G139(formerly 185),G143(formerly G136), G165; Photography G158; Theater Arts G100, G102, G108, G111, G112
COM4: Senior Presentation1No transferable equivalent
III. Cultural Perspectives - One course from four of the following seven areas 
CUL1: African3ART G104, G143; ENGL G114, G114H, G155; HUM G150; HIST G110
CUL2: Asian3ART G103; CHIN G280; ENGL G114, G114H, G161(Formerly G165), or G161H(Formerly G165H); HIST G120
CUL3: Latin American3ANTH G150; ART G104, G127; HIST G140, G150; SPAN G165(Formerly G112), G185, G200(Formerly G290), G280, G285
CUL4: North American3ANTH G150; ENGL G112, G161; HIST G170#, G175#, G180, G185
CUL5: European3ART G105, G105H, G106, G106H G127; ANTH G130, G140
CUL6: Cross-Cultural3ANTH G100; HIST G140, G121; HUM G101; PHIL G120; SOC G133
CUL7: Language3ANTH G190; FREN G185, G280, G285, G290; SIGN G185, G200; SPAN G165(Formerly G112), G185, G200(Formerly G290), G280, G285 
IV: Connections
CON1: Pair Course #13No transferable equivalent
CON1: Pair Course #23No transferable equivalent
CON2: Science and Math (methods/ideas with analysis of cultural or societal issues)4Two IGETC science courses with labs from two different subject areas will satisfy this requirement. Courses may not also satisfy Natural Science Breadth.
Two 3 credit courses from each of the three divisions below 
Humanities/Fine Arts (two courses, each from different disciplines)6Chinese G280; Economics G120; English G112, G114 or G114H, G143, G150, G155, G160 or G160H, G161(formerly G165) or G161H(formerly G165H), 181(formerly G180) or G181H (formerly G180H), G270 (formerly G290), G275(formerly G295); French G185, G280, G285, G290; History G110, G120, G121(formerly G165), G132, G135, G140, G150, G161(formerly G190), G162(formerly G195), G170, G175, G180, G185; Humanities G135; Philosophy G100 (formerly G101), G102, G110, G111, G120, G150; Political Science G150; SIGN G185, G200; Spanish G165(formerly G112), G185, G200(formerly G290), G280, G285; Theater Arts G102; Vietnamese G185, G280, G285, G290
Units Total 
Natural Science (two courses, each from different disciplines)6PHYSICAL SCIENCE: Astronomy G100, G100 + G100L; Chemistry G110, G130, G180, G185, G220, G225; Geography G180, G180L; Geology G105, G110(formerly G100),G120; Physical Science G100; Physics G110, G110 + G111, G120, G125, G185, G280, G285                                                                                    BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE: Anthropology G185(formerly G120), G185L; Biology G100, G101, G104, G104 + G104L, G110, G120, G180, G182(formerly G185), G183 (formerly G190), G186, 210,G220 (formerly G170), G221 (formerly G155), G225(formerly G175); Psychology G250 
Units Total 
Social Science (two courses, each from different disciplines)6Anthropology G100, G130, G140, G150, G190; Economics G110, G120, G170(formerly G180), G175(formerly G285); History G110; Ethnic StudiesSocial Science G133; Sociology G133; Gender StudiesHistory G121(formerly G165); Geography G100, G185(formerly G104); History G132, G135, G140, G150, G180, G185;Interdisciplinary Communication Studies G190, G255; Digital Media G130; Environmental Studies G100; JOUR G180; Peace Studies G100, G110, G230; Political Science G105, G205; Psychology G116, G118, G165; Social Science G134, G136; Sociology G134; Political Science - Philosophy G150; Political Science G100, G101, G110, G120 or G120H, G130, G150, G180 or G180H, G185, G205; Psychology G100, G116(formerly G150), G118 (formerly G160), G165, G250, G255(formerly G158), G260, G280(formerly G185); SociologyCriminal Justice G123, G140; Sociology G100 or G100H, G110, G133, G160, G185(formerly G150) 
Units Total 
Whittier College, Office of the Registrar 10/2018