Bus Scholarship Application 2023 - 2024 Academic Year

The Office of Admission is pleased to announce that Whittier College's Campus Visit Bus Scholarship is now open for the 2023-2024 academic year!

The Bus Scholarship is designed to alleviate some of the costs associated with group visits and transportation expenses. If selected, this scholarship will provide a stipend to help fund your visit and provide opportunities for college workshops.

Bus Scholarship Guidelines and Requirements

  • Open to high schools within a 50-mile radius of Whittier College
  • Groups such as AVID, Upward Bound, Honors Programs, or other high school college preparatory. classes are encouraged to apply
  • Group visits allow a maximum capacity of 50 students from grades 9-12
  • A minimum of two chaperones are required to attend. Whittier College professional and student staff are not responsible for your students while you are on campus
  • Your transportation via school district bus is reimbursable up to $500. Charter buses are strongly discouraged
  • Your meal at the Campus Inn is covered by the college. If you decide to eat off-campus, your group will incur those costs
  • An application must be submitted to be considered. Emails will not be accepted as applications
  • Applications are open for the full academic year

Recipient Information

Selected schools will be scheduled for a 3-hour visit to campus which will include an information session and campus tour. The bus scholarship includes travel costs and lunch on campus. The date of the campus visit will be agreed upon based on the availability of your school and the Office of Admission.

Selected schools must arrange their own transportation logistics. Schools must provide a receipt for the hired bus and Whittier College will either pay the bus company directly or provide a reimbursement to the school or district. 

Other On-Campus Opportunities

Although we would like to award the bus scholarship to every school that applies, please understand that the process is competitive. We understand the importance of providing opportunities for college access. We are committed to working with schools in local communities beyond this opportunity. Visit the website for more information on group visits, on-campus tours, virtual information sessions, one-on-one meetings with admission counselors, and connecting with current students.
What grades are the students in that you plan to bring? Select all that apply.
What grades are the students in that you plan to bring? Select all that apply.
If you have any questions, please email