Academic Panels

Whittier College offers academic degree programs in more than 30 majors and concentrations. Students also have the option to pursue an academic or interdisciplinary minor to supplement or strengthen knowledge in other areas.

These panels will cover the broad academic offerings at Whittier College. Meet a sampling of faculty who will participate in Q&A.  Along with exploring the opportunities to self design your major. 

Monday, May 11 Exploring the Whittier Scholars Program: 
Andrea Rehn, Associate Dean and Director of the Whittier Scholars Program
Charlie Newman, Alumni of the Whittier Scholars Program '18
Isabella Zonni, Upcoming Graduate of the Whittier Scholars Program '20
Allison Willrich, Current First Years Student of the Whittier Scholars Program '23

Thursday, May 14 Exploring Majors at Whittier College:
Devin Iimoto, Department Co-Chair of Chemistry (Biochemistry)
Hector Valenzuela, Associate Professor of Biology
Cinzia Fissore, Associate Professor of Biology & Environmental Science

Monday, May 18 Exploring Majors at Whittier College: 
Rebecca Overmyer-Velázquez, Department Chair of Sociology & Anthropology & Sociology
Paul Kjellberg, Professor of Philosophy 
Christina Scott, Associate Professor of Psychology 

Thursday, May 21 Exploring Majors at Whittier College:
Mike McBride, Professor of Political Science 
Laura McEnaney, Professor of History 
Kristen Smirnov, Associate Professor of Marketing (Department of Business Administration)

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